Starting all over again

39-year-old Kiran from Kerala was forced to leave his high paying job in the Gulf when he gradually began to lose his sight due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, a genetic eye disorder. A computer hardware engineer by profession, Kiran came back to India as he could not cope with the demands of the job with 75% vision loss.

Desperate to find alternate opportunities to sustain himself, he called our Eyeway Helpdesk in Kerala enquiring about government provisions for visually impaired people in his state. He was also looking for suitable government jobs that could help him secure his future.
While the counsellor guided him to apply for disability pension at a local Panchayat office as an immediate arrangement, the counselor also realized the need for his re-orientation. He was further suggested to undergo mobility training from Kerala Federation of the Blind, to lead an independent life.

Kiran has completed his training and he now uses a white cane to navigate around independently. He was also given information on various coaching centres where he could train for government competitive examinations. He is constantly updated about various job openings and relevant information through Eyeway’s WhatsApp messaging service.
Kiran is grateful to Eyeway for guiding him and helping him start his life afresh.