Shaping one’s own future

Adil Rashid Malik from Kulgam, Jammu & Kashmir is so enterprising that his efforts are benefitting many in his village. He is not bogged down by his gradually losing vision of which more than 60 percent is already lost. He is only 19 years old and with this kind of enthusiasm the best is yet to come. He has been a client with Eyeway since 2016, interacting often on education related matters being a student. Eyeway has always assisted him overcome various challenges. This time he contacted seeking help to apply for a competitive exam with the India Railways.

He was born partially blind to a middle class family of five in Jammu & Kashmir. His family was highly supportive, especially his mother who taught him the value of education and independence for first time, the lessons his two elder brothers benefitted from. His elder brother is also visually impaired but has completed his post-graduation and the eldest one is in the local police. Adil was taken around by his parents for various medical consultations as a child but no fix was achieved to his losing vision. But this didn’t let the family to lose any hope or did they allow Adil lose even a bit of his confidence growing up. And those efforts didn’t go in vain. With the support of his family, teachers and a dear friend who wrote class notes for him he studied and finished his schooling. His aunt and uncle being teachers in the same school also helped him in making his studies and exams easier.

After finishing his school, driven by a consciousness to contribute back to the society he started a NGO in his village in 2010 for children of the school going age. He values education so much that he wants to support rural children to achieve good education. He is providing education for around 80 poor students in his NGO free of cost. Free education with study materials, food and basic clothing are provided for these students. At the same time he is also looking to study further or to gain some government jobs. He is also looking towards gaining some coaching for UPSC exams and other government exams. Eyeway counselor not only helped him apply for the Railway job for which he sought help, but also explained to him the scope various potential fields of education or employment he can prepare for.

Adil is an inspiration to many not only because he has overcome the challenges of disability but also for his desire to give back to the society. This will surely inspire many youngsters out there.