Right support at the right time

39-year-old visually impaired Ajay Kumar hails from Pathankot district in Punjab. At an early age of 18 months, Ajay caught high fever which gradually led to his vision loss. However, this did not come as an excuse for Ajay to sit idle at home. He started his education early at the Institute for the Blind, Amritsar. Due to his eagerness to learn new things, he learnt how to read Braille within a year and this boosted his confidence to learn more. Ajay had a passion for music and so he pursued a course in Music. Following which, he enrolled at the Prachin Kala Kendra, Chandigarh to master various instruments including tabla. Ajay currently lives with his wife, working as a music teacher in Pathankot.

Ajay’s parents supported him at every step of his life. Ajay’s father who is 81-years-old, served in the army and always encouraged him to study and become self-dependent. He sold half his property in the hope of recovering his son’s vision. At the age of 19, Ajay lost his elder sister which added more misery to the family. Ajay’s friends were a source of moral support and always urged him to study hard so as to have a good career in the future.

Ajay has been a client of Eyeway since 2016. He recently contacted the Helpdesk to seek information about the application for a UDID card and sought support for the required procedure. The Eyeway counselor helped him submit an online application for the UDID card along with the required documents and has been regularly updating him with the status of his application. He also wanted to know the contact number for Mahila Maha Vidyalaya which is a nearby Arts school where music and other cultural activities are conducted for persons with disabilities. Ajay also had other queries regarding concession on electricity charges and property purchases for persons with visual impairment. The counselor provided him with all the relevant information. He has expressed utmost gratitude towards Eyeway for the continuous and timely support.