Pratyush Kaushal

Pratyush Kaushal, an 18 year old student from Delhi started experiencing loss of vision when he was in class 11. He approached Score Foundation before the CBSE Class 12 examinations in 2016 for counselling and advice. His concern pertained to a rule according to which the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) does not allow a scribe from the same stream as the student taking the exam.

We helped Pratyush’s family connect and engage with the office of the Chief Commissioner for persons with Disabilities (CCPD). CCPD encouraged the CBSE to accommodate his concern. The CBSE complied and he was eventually allowed to have a scribe from his stream. This is very beneficial as terminologies, figures, symbols, and diagrams are better understood by a scribe who is familiar with the subjects. Pratyush prepared rigorously and went on to score a remarkable 95 per cent in the class 12 examinations.

This determined young man wants to do a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering. His father Mr Ranjit Kumar, expressed concern that most engineering colleges in Delhi do not have proper infrastructural or library facilities for students with visual impairment. Despite these challenges facing his college education experience, Pratyush shares with us an optimistic message; “In life, a thousand people might tell you that you cannot do something. But it is very important to have self-belief. Facing challenges will make you a stronger person than most.”