On the path to self-discovery

Mabusabu was born into a poor family in Nandhigrama village of Bellary which lacked awareness on how to raise a blind child. This had left Mabusabu confined to his home, isolating him from the outside world and denying him access to mainstream education.

When Mabusabu suddenly lost his father a few years ago, his mother had to step into her husband’s shoes and provide for her three children. The sudden loss brought along with it many challenges for the family, compelling the mother to take up work in the fields. This had an impact on Mabusabu who wanted to contribute to his family to lessen the burden on his mother.

Having received no education or any formal training, he found himself ill-equipped to do anything about the circumstance his family was in. The disabling attitudes of Mabusabu’s family, who thought he was not capable of achieving anything on his own, compounded his challenges.

Mabusabu was determined to change his life and so when he received a smartphone from his brother, he made optimum use of it by listening to informative news and videos that helped him gain knowledge on various topics. It was also during this time that he learnt about Eyeway Helpdesk through a friend. Without wasting any time, he called up our toll-free number expressing his desire to do something worthwhile with his life.

Majority of Eyeway Helpdesk callers seek employment opportunities and the emotion behind it is usually to live a more independent and dignified life. Often the visually impaired and blind callers struggle to prove themselves to their families.

Understanding the need for rehabilitation and training, the Eyeway counsellor guided Mabusabu to enrol at National Association for the Blind (NAB) in Bangalore. He completed a four-month mobility and vocational training that has instilled new confidence in him. He was also suggested to complete his class 10 through a Government Blind school in Karnataka.

Stepping outside the four walls of his home to achieve what seemed impossible to his family has not only changed the 24-year-old Mabusabu’s life but it has also changed the attitudes of his family who were oblivious to what a blind person was capable of achieving with the right opportunities.