Neither a man nor any disability, let alone cancer

Aditi (name changed) is a resident of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. She is 30 years old, a graduate in Commerce and she got in touch with Eyeway in 2017. She was referred to Eyeway by one of her friends. She wanted to gain employment in order to be economically stable and independent.

She had gone through some tough times in life. Her eye condition Glaucoma was first detected in 2011 and since then she underwent treatment in many hospitals. Her eye condition affected her personal life also when her husband left her. She underwent a year-long treatment in Centre of Sight, Delhi where doctors gave her a faint hope of restoration of her vision. She was prescribed some pills by doctors, which didn’t make any difference in her eye condition. The eye condition also affected her job. She was working as a telecaller with a company called “Rich Feel” which works on hair fall and loss treatment. She as a telecaller handled product advertisement and description activities for the company. But her vision loss made her give up the job in 2011. Since then her life is limited to hospital treatments and house arrest with her father, brother, and sister-in-law. Her source of income is her father’s job in the UP police department and her brother’s business.
After the first line of treatment proving ineffective, she approached the Guru Nanak Eye Hospital, Delhi for treatment. But from there she got more satisfying treatment where the doctors within two days listed her for surgery and informed her that the surgery doesn’t assure vision gain but the result might be a complete vision loss. This was not like the first time when she was given sustained hopes but hardly anything was fruitful. She underwent an operation on 28 Feb 2014 at AIIMS and the result was no different – majority vision was lost. In 2015-2016 she was also diagnosed with throat cancer. After that, she went through depressive and lonely phases of life for three years until she approached Eyeway in 2017. She approached Eyeway for counsel to have a new beginning.

Eyeway counselor suggested her to initially gain a disability certificate and directed her to AIIMS. She got her disability certificate with help from her father from AIIMS certified with 75% disability. Counselor also apprised her about computer training for people with visual impairment and our T.V. serial Nazar Ya Nazariya that covers a wide range of case stories of successful visually impaired people. But Aditi stands tall on all these problems that affected her – divorce, vision loss, cancer – by courageously overcoming it with determination and not giving up. Now she can think only about how she can make her life productive by enhancing her capacities through training, education and an employment.

On a follow-up call, she sounded optimistic and shared that she is living a happy life. She has enrolled in in NAB Delhi for a four months Computer Training. She is an inspiration to many in defeating all these odds and still keeping her head above water. She was never intimidated by vision loss, cancer or her husband who left her in the lurch.