Knowing his banking rights

Rajaram Bishnoi from Nagaur, Rajasthan is a 41-year-old visually impaired person. He has a wife, a daughter and a son. Being visually impaired since birth did not stop Rajaram from completing his education and pursuing higher studies. He has a Bachelor’s as well as a Master’s Degree in Hindi. He is currently working as a second grade Hindi teacher in a school in Rajasthan.

Rajaram visited State Bank of India in order to open a bank account. However, the bank officials denied his right to open an individual account on grounds of visual impairment and was allowed to open one jointly with his wife. This resulted in him having to travel 12 kms from his home to the bank with his wife whenever any transaction had to be made. Moreover, he travelled on foot due to the roads being inaccessible to vehicles. Once his joint account became active, he requested the bank for an ATM card but he was denied once again. After being pushed around for three years, he realised that he was unaware on matters related to banking and what his rights were.

Rajaram found out about Eyeway through his friend Bhanwara Ram Bhambu with whom he had shared his banking issues. Bhanwara contacted the Eyeway Helpdesk expressing the challenges that his friend was facing with the bank, seeking a solution. The counselor informed Bhanwara about the RBI guidelines regarding the issuance of an ATM card and provided him with the same. This gave Rajaram the confidence to meet the Bank Manager and present the guidelines as proof. But unfortunately this did not change the Bank Manager’s stance on issuing him an ATM card and also refused to provide him the reason for denial in formal writing. After repeated visits to the bank, Rajaram was happy to inform the Helpdesk that his application was forwarded to higher authorities and will soon be provided with an ATM card. He expressed his gratitude towards Eyeway for educating him about his rights and giving him the support, he needed.