Finding connections

Roshan (name changed) lives in Karnataka and he is blind. He has been trying hard to secure an electricity connection for some time now. Despite several visits to the Panchayat office, Roshan could not get all necessary information on the same. That’s when he decided to get in touch with the Eyeway Helpdesk. Our counsellors assisted him with the application process under the reservation quota, informed him of the Rs.1000 service charge from which he was exempt and gave him the confidence to approach the Panchyat office. Roshan approached their office again with his application correctly filled out. This time they accepted his application. Lack of awareness of schemes, rules and guidelines both on the part of a visually impaired person and on the part of authorities is a major challenge that needs to be overcome. While drafting rules to empower the disabled is the first step taken by the government, implementation and a change of mindset are critical for a visible change to follow the schematic changes being put in place to impact the lives of visually impaired people.