Discovering aid in form of assistive technology 

A hardworking student since childhood, Rohit Sharma is currently pursuing his post-graduation.  He has never allowed his blindness to come in his way. Born into a well-to-do family in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh he also had the able support of his lawyer father while growing up.

Rohit contacted the Eyeway Helpdesk in 2019 seeking information on assistive technology for his accessing study material. He’d heard about such devices from a few of his friends but didn’t have proper understanding of its use or the impact it could make in his life. So far he has largely dependent on Braille resources for his studies and additional help from friends in recording lectures, sharing their notes etc. This information regarding a variety of assistive technologies available for making the lives of visually impaired easier, excited him. He wanted to know more and wanted to start using them without any wait.

He shared with ourcounselor all the struggles he had to go through in his studies, having to take help from fellow classmates mostly. On comprehending his issue, the counselor informed him about various devices and apps that could ease his troubles. The counselor also shared with Rohit, information on how a laptop enabled with screen reader could make reading and writing notes easier, how a Daisy player (Digital Accessible Information System) could help him in gathering knowledge, Sugamya Pustakalaya, an online repository for accessible books and various apps and software which could aid his studies.

However for making best use of technology, there is a need for significant training. The Eyeway counselor apprised Rohit of computer training courses available at National Association for the Blind Delhi, Blind Relief Association Delhi and National Association for the Blind Faridabad. Proper training in using assistive technology could go a long way in helping Rohit to become self-reliant both with regards to education and employment. Rohit has decided to enroll for training at National Association for the Blind, Faridabad in the next session after finishing his post-graduation.