Changing lives for the better

Rohit Sahu, a resident of Delhi, was in Class 9 when he started to lose his vision. Soon after, he could not read and write on his own. He failed thrice in the same Class. His family was unaware about provisions and benefits that visually impaired children could avail, for example opting for a scribe facility to write exams.

Since he failed at the attempt to clear his exams thrice, the school management asked Rohit to leave the school. He was now confined to his home. This continued for two years till a close friend told him about Eyeway Helpdesk. Rohit immediately called on the toll-free helpline and the conversation with our counsellor was an eye-opener for him. He got to understand that vision loss was no barrier to living a complete life. He was apprised of various assistive devices like screen reader enabled computers or smart phones that he could use for education purpose. He was also suggested computer and mobility training to lower his dependency on others. Besides these life skills training, Rohit was advised to enroll for Class 10 through open schooling. He was also provided information on how to avail scribe facility for his examinations.

This conversation turned out to be a life- changing one for Rohit. 21 years old now, he was preparing for his Class 12 examinations when the Covid-19 pandemic struck the country, leaving his exams cancelled.

Rohit is keen on pursuing higher education and regularly calls Eyeway Helpdesk to seek guidance and latest information pertaining to blindness.