Challenging ignorance

Hitesh (name changed) resides in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh with his wife and young daughter. His 4 year old daughter was old enough to be enrolled in a nursery school. He was worried that his blindness could prove to be a hindrance in educating her. Since Hitesh often makes queries at the Eyeway helpdesk, he decided to reach out to the Eyeway toll free helpline once again.  Our counselor’s assured him that blindness surely could not stop him from ensuring that his daughter gets the best education. They shared with him examples of many parents, who were blind, whose children went to school, and were doing well. The counselors also shared with him online resources and books that would inform him how to be a part of his child’s schooling life. They also asked him to watch the episode of Nazar ya Nazariya on parenting. He was very thankful to Eyeway for relieving his anxiety. He has now enrolled his daughter in nursery school and continues to be in touch with our helpdesk for ongoing support.