Broadening Horizons

Nineteen-year-old Pradip Kumar from Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh, lost his eye sight at the age of three. He was enrolled in a special institution in Delhi, where he studied till Class V. But for some reason, he returned to his hometown, where he was admitted in a mainstream school. A couple of years later, his father passed away and the sudden demise crippled their household financially. Pradip had to drop out of school midway in Class VIII.

Over the years, he became increasingly dependent on his mother and siblings, and confined to the four walls of his home. Already having compromised the desire to study, he was keen to gain some form of employment to help his family and reduce his own burden on them.

He assumed that blind people could only take up menial jobs, until he spoke to the Eyeway team. Our helpdesk counselor apprised him of employment opportunities in the government and private sector, skilling and rehabilitation centers, assistive technology and above all the myriad possibilities to lead an independent life.

He was encouraged to complete his education to open up more avenues. Learning about the application process of National Institute of Open Learning (NIOS), he enrolled for Class X. He has also signed up to pursue mobility and computer training simultaneously.

To aid his education and daily needs, the counselor also helped Pradip avail his rightful disability pension. There are thousands of visually impaired people like Pradip who settle for very little, unaware of the heights they can scale despite blindness. In clearing their misconceptions and citing options, Eyeway directs them towards a brighter future.