Being hopeful and positive

Ramaswamy M K is 25 years old and in search of employment. He has been trying for various government jobs for quite long now. He has tried banking exams, state and central government exams, UPSC exam etc. but hasn’t been yet able to clear any of them. But his patience and persistence has not tapered yet. He still reposes his faith in public sector jobs. It is the job security and income certainty which he argues in favour of his pursuits.

Being born blind into a financially poor household, he wouldn’t have gone to school unless the Gram Panchayat had not identified him and enrolled in nearby village school. But he was a hardworking student, moreover he had the will which became apparent while doing 7th standard when further vision loss shrouded his vision. He stopped schooling but not his education. He studied from home, took help of his friends and family and gave his exams. Again the lack of awareness and poor financial situation deprived him of any accessible study material or technology which could have made his life easier. But overcoming all these challenges, he managed to study. He completed his tenth, higher secondary and also his graduation. He never let any negative thoughts creep into his head but pushed forward hoping the circumstances to change. Though he wanted to pursue post-graduation, his financial situation was the obstacle. Instead he decided to prepare for competitive exams and look for public sector jobs.

In view of appearing for various competitive exams he went to Delhi and took some coaching. But unfortunately in the last few years his attempts to clear some of these competitive exams have not been successful. And the financial situation has been weighing him down on him and his family hard. His father a daily wager who is the only income source of his family won’t be able to support him for very long. He contacted the Eyeway counselor in EnAble India, Bengaluru with a laden heart. Counselor comprehended his issue and judged the situation basing on his immediate needs of employment and financial independence. Eyeway counselor tried to make Ramaswamy understand the need for looking for private sector jobs alongside government jobs. Counselor could convince him that it is possible to prepare for competitive exams and keep looking for government jobs while working in a private job, which is also more common than the public sector jobs. In order to prepare him for that counselor asked him to join the 9 months Foundation and Advance Employability course. Under this course he will get training in employment related skills, mobility, soft skills etc. Also, the counselor asked him to join an Advance Computer training course because having computer knowledge will help him for the future in giving exams or at his workplace. EnAble India also will be providing recruitment opportunities at the end of this course and help him find cheap accommodation facilities in Bengaluru during the time of the course.