The value of information

47 year old Deepchand (name changed) a resident of Dungarpur in Rajasthan teaches at a local Senior Secondary school. He got in touch with the Eyeway Helpdesk when he was denied a home loan from the Bank of Baroda on account of his blindness. Our counselor informed him of the RBI and IBA guidelines which clearly state that banks cannot deny facilities on the basis of blindness. The Helpdesk also emailed the RBI circular to him. Deepchand returned to the bank equipped with  the guidelines. The bank had no choice but to issue him a home loan and apologize for the inconvenience they had caused. Every month we get similar queries of blind and visually impaired persons being denied accounts, loans, chequebooks etc. Despite many nationalized banks having taken initiatives to enable visually impaired and blind persons to access facilities with ease, many of their employees continue to operate with age old biases and prejudice. This needs to change. Banks need to ensure that their rules and guidelines are known to all their employees and translate into effective action and sensitized attitudes.


Score Foundation uses different channels of media like Radio, Television as well as the digital medium to raise awareness about the issues faced by the blind population of the country. If you have any suggestions or you would like to contribute to our content, please write to our Communications Executive, Anoushka Mathews at

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Pratish Dutta, gold medalist in MSc Mathematics from IIT Kharagpur.

Kanchanmala Pande, swimmer with Limca record in sea swimming.

Asif Iqbal, MBA working as Principal Consultant with Price Waterhouse Coopers.

What do these three have in common?

They are all visually impaired.

Their hard work and persistence helped them overcome their disability.

And most importantly, they were fortunate enough to get an opportunity to prove their potential.

Life does not stop with blindness.

Help us in our endeavor to empower millions of blind and visually impaired people living across India.

Your contributions can open a world of opportunities for them.

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Eyeway National Toll Free Helpline

Eyeway is a single stop knowledge resource on living life with blindness. Blindness isn’t the real problem; it is rather the mindset of people which often creates a hurdle to finding solutions.

The Eyeway Helpdesk toll-free service assists callers on issues that include rehabilitation, employment opportunities, banking facilities, competitive examinations, higher education, Government provisions – Acts and policies, state schemes, assistive technology, counseling and so on. We also initiate and follow-up Advocacy Issues where non-compliance to implementation of policy, discrimination is observed or where there is need for consideration.

For information on any topic related to life with blindness call the Eyeway Helpdesk toll-free number: 1800 300 20469

Nazar Ya Nazariya

As part of our mass sensitization initiatives, we produced a 13 part television series for Doordarshan in 2013 called Nazar Ya Nazariya. Renowned actors Naseeruddin Shah and Harsh Chhaya featured in the series. The TV series was aimed at challenging common perceptions and focusing on immense possibilities of life with blindness. You can watch all the episodes of this series on our YouTube channel.

Eyeway Yeh Hai Roshni Ka Karawan

We produced a radio show series called Eyeway Yeh Hai Roshni Ka Karawan using real life stories, interviews, features, discussions, and radio drama, to share knowledge about living a fulfilling life with vision impairment. The popular programme was first aired in November 2005 and we broadcast a new series each year.

The radio show has proved to be an effective tool for Eyeway to reach those who were hitherto unreachable, particularly in the Hindi speaking belt of the rural areas and in sectors outside the rehabilitation and educational efforts of government and other NGOs.

Our radio show has been anchored by professionals with years of experience from the start by professionals, including, Salima Raza, Arshad Iqbal, Tom Alter, Naren Joshi, Poonam Girdhani, Anil Srivatsa and Kajol.

Celebrities like Nasurudhin Shah, Om Puri Sushma Seth, Nandita Das, Harsha Bhogle, Charu Sharman, Harish Bhimani, Vinod Nagpal, Ameen Sayyani, Abhinav Chaturvedi and visually impaired people like Mufazal Munshi, Guneet Sethi have also lent their voice to presenting profiles of achievers.

All the seasons of the radio series are uploaded on our YouTube channel.

Eyeway YouTube channel

Commitment to change

Mr. Mijaz (name changed) works at a Nationalized bank as a probationary officer and lives in Govindpuri, Delhi. He’d been using the Nokia E5 phone for many years and thought that it might be a good idea to switch to an android phone. He purchased an android phone but was unable to operate or access it. He got in touch with the Eyeway helpdesk enquiring whether there were any training programs that would help him understand smartphone use. Most training programs focus on computer skills and software with mobile usage tutorials mostly on YouTube. However, our Eyeway counselors telephonically guided him through the process of using an android phone. They walked him through navigation on the phone, familiarized him with the numerous existing features, and accessibility options as well talkback feature. Mr.Mijaz called us back to tell us that he was now comfortable with the smartphone and was using Google maps, uber, WhatsApp and all kinds of apps. He is now able to use his Smartphone efficiently. Mr. Mijaz found the training useful and was thankful to Eyeway for attending to his need in a simple and time-efficient manner.

Challenging ignorance

Hitesh (name changed) resides in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh with his wife and young daughter. His 4 year old daughter was old enough to be enrolled in a nursery school. He was worried that his blindness could prove to be a hindrance in educating her. Since Hitesh often makes queries at the Eyeway helpdesk, he decided to reach out to the Eyeway toll free helpline once again.  Our counselor’s assured him that blindness surely could not stop him from ensuring that his daughter gets the best education. They shared with him examples of many parents, who were blind, whose children went to school, and were doing well. The counselors also shared with him online resources and books that would inform him how to be a part of his child’s schooling life. They also asked him to watch the episode of Nazar ya Nazariya on parenting. He was very thankful to Eyeway for relieving his anxiety. He has now enrolled his daughter in nursery school and continues to be in touch with our helpdesk for ongoing support.