Poonam Baisla

Poonam Baisla joined Score as a Helpdesk counselor in May 2016. She has a BA degree from Delhi University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Social Welfare in IGNOU. Coming from a conservative Gujjar community, it wasn’t an easy journey for her to step out of her home to work. As part of the Helpdesk team she counsels clients as the need arises and researches for information as well. This is her first job and she sees it as an opportunity to learn something new every day. She is fond of reading books motivational books and also books on spirituality.

John van Prooijen

John van Prooijen is HR Manager at Score Foundation. He has a Bachelors degree in Social Work and an MBA degree in Human Resource Management and Service Delivery. John held various management positions for 35 years in several healthcare organizations in the Netherlands. He also volunteered for a nursing home and for an organization that worked for prevention of cruelty towards children. He came to India in October 2008 as a VSO volunteer to work for Score in the capacity of Organizational Development Advisor. He has continued to work for Score as an independent volunteer. His main responsibilities include HR management and supporting the Board of Trustees. John likes to listen to music, read books and he also likes gardening. He likes to keep up to date with Indian politics and Indian culture. He explores new books on the subject and even likes to take heritage walks in the city.

Sushant Das

Sushant Das has been with Score foundation from the very beginning.  He started his career as an office assistant, and over the course of time proved his skill in handling finances. Currently he is the Administration Officer at Score.