Anshuman Singh

Anshuman Singh is the Project Manager for Eyeway at Score Foundation. With an extensive experience in the domains of Education and Development Training , he has worked as a Corporate Trainer prior to joining Score Foundation. His journey at Score Foundation began with a short-term project which was aimed at sensitizing eye care professionals towards possibilities in life despite vision impairment. During this engagement, there was an alignment of conviction in approach, wherein the intervention was not from a perspective of charity but of empowerment. Having worked extensively with persons in the mainstream, Anshuman decided to commit with the same rigor to people with vision impairment. Apart from being an outdoor enthusiast with an ardent call to be on the road albeit pedaling heavy with just 1/2 Horsepower on his bicycle to call on or 100 plus bhp in a car, Anshuman also has a keen eclectic choice in music, movies, and books.

Binni Kumari

Binni Kumari is a 28 year old female with congenital blindness. She is a graduate in Political Science from Delhi University’s Indraprastha (IP) College. In 2010, after completing her 1 year diploma in Computer Applications from All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB), Binni joined Score Foundation as a Helpdesk Executive. Now she works as the Helpdesk Operations Manager which includes supervising and training a team of counselors. She wants to work towards the betterment of living life with blindness and low vision. In her job, she feels a sense of accomplishment. She sees herself grow alongside the organization’s growth.