Accepting change

Every month we get many calls regarding usage of smart phones. While younger folks seem to be quick to learn and master this new technology, the older ones seem intimidated by it and tend to, for the part avoid it.. Faisal (name changed) from Govindpuri in Delhi, an employee of the Indian Bank was recently posted to the Digital Banking department at his bank. This involved working with Internet banking, ATM related queries and know-how of the bank’s android app. In the past he was reluctant to switch to a smart phone but now with his new role it became necessary for him to purchase an android phone. He got in touch with Eyeway where our counselor shared with him information on the available phones, their accessibility features and guided him to buy a phone. In a series of telephonic as well as face to face interactions, our counselors imparted basic training on how to operate his new android phone. Faisal now seems to be quite comfortable and finds it quite useful.